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Industrial floors

Hírös-Róna Zrt.

High-end polished floors

Made by polishing existing or new floors. The technology allows for converting existing floors into glossy, cleanable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Superflat industrial floors

Save on investment and operation costs with higher shelf structures and more storage space due to higher quality flooring. Recommended for high-bay storage facilities and narrow-aisle logistics halls.

Cold store floors

Reinforced industrial floors well-suited for cooled or refrigerated environments, with minimal shrinkage owing to a superior recipe.

High-end external floors

Monolithic concrete surfaces in strips or slabs, resilient to temperature fluctuation and heavy loads. Recommended for multi-purpose areas used by heavy-weight vehicles and roads with heavy traffic.

Jointless floors

800 to 1,000-m2 slabs without sawn joints, minimizing maintenance cost for the joints. A sure choice for cold storage facilities and logistics centers.

Decorative colored floors

Aesthetically pleasing pigmented surfaces in various colors (grey, black, green, blue, beige, brown etc.) to satisfy all tastes. Colored floors for boosting creativity in showrooms, offices and campuses, which well complement interiors with fashionable minimal design.

Seamless industrial floors

Floors with combined (steel fiber and steel mat) or double steel mat reinforcement, free from sawn joints or opening profiles. The quality allows for uninterrupted slabs that are thousands of square meters in area. Maintenance costs are minimal when compared to other floor types. Recommended for production and logistics halls, food processing plants where impermeability to fluids is a requirement.

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Complementary services

Auxiliary construction

Flooring related construction works: drains, pits, bases and superstructures


Restoration of concrete floor surfaces, repairing joints, resealing; Other reconstructive jobs, creating epoxy surfaces


Cleaning concrete floors with water and chemicals using modern machinery


Full-scale floor restoration: demolition, bedding and reconstruction (We own all the machinery required.)

Major projects

Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Apollo Tyres (Gyöngöshalász) 53,000 m2
AUDI (Győr) 100,000 m2
BILK Logisztika (Budapest) 150,000 m2
Bridgestone (Környe) 10,000 m2
Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztika (Csepel) 45,000 m2
DAF (Herceghalom) 25,000 m2
EDELMANN (Zalaegerszeg) 10,000 m2
EGLO (Pásztó) 10,000 m2
Grundfos (Székesfehérvár) 30,000 m2
JABIL (Szombathely) 10,000 m2
Jász-Plasztik ( Hungary and abroad) 300,000 m2
Lidl Logisztika (Magyarország) 80,000 m2
MBMH Mercedes (Kecskemét) 120,000 m2
METRO C&C ( Hungary and abroad) 300,000 m2
OBO Bettermann (Bugyi) 20,000 m2
Pick Vágóhíd ( Mohács) 18,000 m2
PROLOGIS ( Százhalombatta and Szigetszentmiklós) 100,000 m2
TAKATA (Miskolc) 50,000 m2
VGP ( Győr and Alsónémedi) 30,000 m2

Projects in pictures

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Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.
Hírös-Róna Zrt.